Some Oceanfront Westchester, CA Homes Investing Considerations

by Dan Christian in Blog.

Westchester, CA homes are located in one of the best Los Angeles communities. From having one of the best school districts in the state to boasting a number of renowned restaurants, Westchester is a great community for families and young professionals to plant their roots. One of the best investments a homeowner can make is to secure one of the Westchester, CA homes for sale that rests on an oceanfront lot (or that at least has an ocean view. However, buyers need to be aware that just because a home has a view of the sea that would make Ernest Hemingway giddy with joy, there are some important factors one should consider about the home before signing a purchasing agreement.


Nothing beats being lulled to sleep by the sound of crashing waves and the songs of seabirds, but if your home’s condition is not up to standards you may be getting little sleep from the stress that coexists with buyer’s remorse. Keep in mind that waterfront homes receive more abuse from the elements than your typical home. As a result extra measures must always be made to protect the integrity of the home. Make sure construction materials are resistant to corrosion from the salt air. If the home has a maintenance record showing that upgrades were made to protect against corrosion you know the home is likely in good condition. Also, have a structural engineer check the supports and beams if the home is partially stilted on the beach. If the supports show signs of weakness or have not been properly anchored you run the risk of having your home collapse—a disaster not covered by all insurance policies.


Before purchasing an oceanfront home you will want to understand every aspect of your insurance policy and how it protects your home. For example, some homes may not be covered in the event of a hurricane or an earthquake. Make sure you are able to secure a policy that has your home 100 percent covered before you make the purchase. Also, check your policy for the little loopholes that exist that result from homeowners losing millions of dollars each year to damage not covered by insurance policies due to silly little oversights. Although the coast of California is not a regular victim of hurricane damage, some insurance providers may not cover types of damage if the home isn’t equipped with storm shutters. If this is the case you may want to request that the seller have them added or you may want to request a price reduction to compensate the cost. Just be sure to have your Westchester, CA homes realtor review the purchase agreements, the home inspection report and your insurance policy, as an experienced realtor will likely spot any red flags.

Additional Plans for the Property

If you plan on adding an observation deck, a dock or a seawall you need to make sure the options are possible before you buy the property. According to ‘Front Door’, “government agencies are very strict to deal with, and you don’t want to commit to purchasing a million-dollar home without knowing that you can really do what you want to make it your own.” The best Los Angeles real estate agents will have years of experience in buying and selling oceanfront properties and will be fluent in the legal parameters involving add-ons, structural projects and all other enterprises that the homeowner may want to pursue in the future. The ‘Los Angeles Times’ published a story that examined a waterfront project in San Diego in which the Coastal Commissions rejected the proposal for its obstruction of views and other offences. Make sure the property you are considering gets pre-approved for any future renovations or add-ons, or you may wind up taking a hit.

Oceanfront properties will always be desirable, but this is a special market. In order to have a healthy place in the re-sale market you will want to make sure your home’s conditions meet high standards and that your insurance policy is truly designed to protect your property. You will also want to make sure that nothing will stand in the way of getting city approval to expand the property or upgrade the home with add-ons.