Is Your Agent the Perfect Negotiator?

by Dan Christian in Blog.


Negotiating the sale of a home requires an advanced skill set that no amateur should tackle. Often people will think selling or buying a home without a realtor will save them money, but a good agent can negotiate the price and ultimately save the client thousands. When searching for Westchester, CA homes for sale having a local real estate expert who knows every corner of the market will ensure buyers the absolute best deal on their next home.

Audit Your Realtor

The best negotiators must also be true local experts. There is a plethora of agents out there who claim to be local experts. But an agent’s location doesn’t automatically knight him as the local expert he claims to be. Start by calling the office broker and ask how long your agent has been working in the area and if he is considered a local expert in the office. Of course some brokers will back their agents and sing their praise regardless, so ask your agent to put together a local market report showing the last 12 months and ask the realtor to justify the price his clients paid given the market at that time. A true local expert will have tremendous knowledgably when it comes to examining the local market’s climate alongside nearby home sales and use that data to negotiate the best deal on a home given its condition, location and amenities.

Agent Style

Some agents advertise themselves as relentless pit bulls that fight for their clients, while others broadcast a cool, calm and reserved method designed to negotiate the best home sale prices. But the best Los Angeles realtors know how to assume both styles and turn on the appropriate charm and use the right tactics for each unique seller agent and their client. For example, if an agent is negotiating the price down on a home that is privately listed by an elderly couple he will probably want to use a different strategy than one used to negotiate with a 30s something business executive with a hungry agent at his side. The best negotiators are agents who have been in the business long enough to read people and know how to communicate with each personality type.  Ask your realtor to give examples of situations in which he used specific communication styles to render successful sales negotiations.

Knowing the Right Temperature

The best realtors will negotiate differently depending on the temperature of the situation. For example, the pit bull mentality in a seller’s market often lends little in return. If the seller has an outstanding home and doesn’t like the offer he may not even bother with further negotiations. In this case making a common sense “clean offer” with conditions (such as home inspection findings and closing costs) is the best way to negotiate.

Face Time

Face-to-face negotiations prove to be warmer and more eventful than the cold e-mail or text message. In an article by ‘MSN Real Estate’, the author examines real estate negotiation strategies and quotes president of Negotiation Expertise Tom Hayman: “The most effective way to influence or persuade, which is what negotiation is all about, is to do it face to face because then you get your words, you get your voice and you get body language or non-verbals all into the equation.” Make sure your realtor takes advantage of the power of influencing others in a face-to-face setting and has a history of meeting seller agents or private sellers in person to negotiate rather than using fax, e-mail or phone.