2 Tips for Selling Your Home Around the Holidays

by Dan Christian in Blog.

If you are about to put your home on the market but consider waiting until after the New Year, you could be missing out on a market of buyers and various marketing methods designed to sell homes in the month of December. According to the National Association of Realtors, housing market costs are expected to go up next year—a singular fact alone that gives thousands of buyers an incentive to buy now before banks change their terms and prices go up on 2014 mortgages.  Here are two tips to help you sell your home before the ball drops in Times Square.

Find the Right Realtor

Finding the right realtor to market your home around the holidays is essential to a quick sale. You will want to employ the help of one of the best Los Angeles real estate agents who has experience helping clients buy and sell homes around the hectic holiday weeks. You will also want to ensure that your agent is prepared to work hard for you around this time. This means he will stay in the area and market your home versus jetting off to Aspen for a ski trip or dashing off to New York to ring in the New Year. Knowing you have an agent who is poised to go above and beyond will provide peace of mind and help you relax. Having confidence in your agent will help you be mentally prepared to drop the stress and place it on your realtor’s shoulders so you can spend quality time with your family.

Decorating and Staging

It goes without saying that decorating your home for the holidays will help it sell.  As the holidays draw close buyers will have one thing on their mind: will this be the next home they spend Xmas in with their family? But there is a line between decorating tastefully and going overboard.

If you decorate too much you may distract buyers from noticing the home’s features. Just remember nobody wants to buy a Hallmark store. Tasteful staging and decorating will give a warm holiday feeling while enhancing the home’s features. If your house has a big staircase weave some holiday greenery up the railing or set a poinsettia on every third step. Be sure to have a Xmas tree blazing away, but don’t let your tree cover up a window.  Instead place it in a corner and add a few giftwrapped boxes underneath. You should also set the table with festive yet tasteful dinnerware to help your buyer imagine his own family get-togethers. If you have a large fireplace hang a few stockings, but keep the mantle clear with the exception of a few pinecones. This way your buyer can see the feature without his focus being directed solely on the décor.

Finally, put some lights on the exterior of your house. It gets dark earlier in the winter months, and if people are going to view your home after work the glow of festive holiday lights will be a nice welcoming note before they enter. If you live on a block or cul-de-sac and nobody else is participating in decorating their homes, you may want to knock on some doors and offer to put lights up free of charge. Most LED Xmas lights cost $10.00 for every 25 feet and if you buy them in bulk you could get an additional discount. Investing in lights to spruce up the neighborhood will likely offer a handsome ROI. According to Bob Vila, your neighbors have an impact on your home’s value. One study revealed that 54 percent of buyers in their 30s found neighbor’s houses to be of high importance in their home purchase decision-making. Furthermore, 79 percent actually cruised neighborhoods in order to gauge a proper fit. When all the homes in a single area participate in outdoor decorative lighting it promotes communal togetherness and unity.

When searching homes for sale in Westchester, CA buyers will have several incentives to make an offer on a home before 2014 rolls in.  Make sure your realtor markets these incentives in his online and offline efforts, and ask for his professional opinion in staging your home for the holidays.